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Take a Good Look at Emporia; It's Your Home Away From Home; June 28, 1946

On A June Sunday; 1947

It Did Happen Here; June 25, 1948

'Tis An Air About A Man That Tells You He's From Ireland; March 16, 1951

One Squad of Marines; (1946-47?)

Dad Builds Character On Mommy's Night Out; 1952

And So Farewell To Babyhood; September 1954

Timothy's Pinball Obsession; June 13, 1962

A Remarkably Unselfish Bunch; June 21, 1963

Remembering John F. Kennedy; November 22, 1963

It Is a Fearsome Thing June 29, 1964

Camping Gets To Be More Fun All the Time August 8, 1966

A Pair of Firsts July 19, 1967

Fear of Flying May 15, 1968

An Alice In Wonderland Feeling In Chicago September 1, 1968 (Peg)

"Semper Fi, Mac ..." (1974)

Jimmy Carter For President ... December 20, 1974

TV Doctor February 1975

From the Peat Bogs to the Learned Professions May 28, 1976

A Happy Coincidence October 5, 1976

Election Day Proposal November 2, 1976

Santa Makes His First Christmas Delivery December 12, 1976

A Paradox of Survival and Loss January 3, 1977

A Strange Way to Celebrate! February 27, 1977

Cinderella Still Waiting for Clock to Strike Twelve February 27, 1977 (Peg)

Easter Tidings Reaffirm and Test Faith April 10, 1977

Gift of Love Returned June 1977

Death Leers October 27, 1977

Now, He is the Establishment May 15, 1978

Creche, Carol, Crush and Commercialism; Too Much So, Perhaps December 1980

She Faced The Dragon Alone November 11, 1982

My Wife, The Rabble-Rouser February 1983

An Indication Of Changing Times June 27, 1983

Smile When You Say "Hillbilly" October 13, 1983

Hughes Injects Morality Into Politics November 29, 1983

Head Starters Stay In the Lead 1984

Little Sam, It Was A Good Day November 26, 1984

A Dominant Presence Passes January 15, 1986

Blueberry Pancakes And The Great Escape 1986

Convention Was Fitting Windup August 31, 1988

Test of Faith in Bolivia January 27, 1990

Leftovers in a Traveler's Notebook February 11, 1990

Daughter's Happiness is the Best Wedding Gift June 10, 1990

Wars, Worries, Take Back Seat in Hospitals December 4, 1990

Go in Peace, We'll Be Along November 12, 1992

Race Against Time Goes to Joey November 24, 1992

Wild And Beautiful Yangtze Stuns The Senses

Home From Havana

It's A Paradox, But Only The People Are Apart

Deep-Rooted Feelings Cloud Options For Any Settlement In Middle East

Worshipers Present Irony In Birthplace Of Lenin 1983

A Great Pain, A Great Glory 1984

Trees Tell Tale of Passing Time

Eulogy for Anna Josephine Nicholson McCormally